Our firm brings a unique approach to family law practice. If you are having marital difficulties or disagreements about parenting, our first approach is to explore a peaceful resolution that does not require expensive litigation. While we are skilled at courtroom advocacy, we only use it as a last resort. Instead, we try to resolve family conflict in a way that sets your entire family on a path to healing. We are committed to offering you alternatives that emphasize civility, creative problem solving and sound legal planning to lay the foundation for a fantastic future.


Collaborative law is a cooperative method of settling a divorce without courtroom battles and lengthy personal conflict. The most important aspect of a collaborative divorce is that you, the other party and the attorneys all sign a contract agreeing not to litigate. Instead, we work together to negotiate all the terms and dissolve the marriage through creative problem solving. For more information on Collaborative Law, visit the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) website.


As an unbiased third-party mediator, we facilitate a courteous discussion between you and the other party to find a mutually satisfying resolution to your dispute. Both parties are encouraged to speak openly about the fears and concerns they have, unlike in court where the judge only hears evidence as it is skillfully presented by trained lawyers. Mediation can give your family a positive shared outcome, without the emotional and financial cost of a lawsuit.



We use the novel method of conscious contracting to resolve disputes or craft agreements after an open and respectful dialogue with you and the other party. We use plain language and minimize legal jargon to incorporate issues that matter to you.


As trained parenting coordinators, we can help you and the other party arrive at an amicable co-parenting solution, before, during and after your legal action. We also coach you in how to keep communication channels open.



Although we strive to keep families out of litigation, some cases inevitably end up there. If you do have to go to court, we guide you through the process in a compassionate way, explaining everything carefully and in simple terms, preparing you to testify and making sure your concerns are presented to the judge clearly and courteously.